Friday, January 20, 2006

I want a car

(from a local newspaper)

"Darwinfish on the backside of the car rival of Jesusfish"

After the ichtus- or Jesusfish, came the shark who grabbed the Jesusfish, on the backside of the car. Then a new one appeared the Darwinfish, one with legs which means: life evolved out of sea. But religious people didnt let mess with them. In Amerika there is a new variant, the Darwinfish followed by the Ichtusfish. The darwinists stroke back again. There is a new one where the biting Ichtusfish is followed bij the Flying Spaghetti Monster. As a protest against the plans to teach the theory of ‘intelligent design’ at schools (see also my posty below). The end of this evolution on the backside of the car has not ended yet. What will follow next in ‘the survival of the fitest’?

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Frost bites

Wandering through a wintergarden.
Fallen leaves of last year are covered in ice-cristals. Prefenting them from decay but when the temperture rises again above zero the sun and moist will let them rot.

-Strange that the cristals most stick on the "hard-parts" (dont know the english word for that). Because there is more moist in it?

When i pick one up it makes a crackling sound between my fingers. My nose close to the leaf makes the ice melt a bit through my warm breathing. Putting the tip of my tongue to it; cold - the ice melts before i feel crumbles. It uncovers a bit of colour. The moist has a bitter taste and i spit the water out. Then i let the leaf fall again. Down on the ground its unregonizable in the heap.

How i love to watch them but how more i long for the spring.