Friday, January 20, 2006

I want a car

(from a local newspaper)

"Darwinfish on the backside of the car rival of Jesusfish"

After the ichtus- or Jesusfish, came the shark who grabbed the Jesusfish, on the backside of the car. Then a new one appeared the Darwinfish, one with legs which means: life evolved out of sea. But religious people didnt let mess with them. In Amerika there is a new variant, the Darwinfish followed by the Ichtusfish. The darwinists stroke back again. There is a new one where the biting Ichtusfish is followed bij the Flying Spaghetti Monster. As a protest against the plans to teach the theory of ‘intelligent design’ at schools (see also my posty below). The end of this evolution on the backside of the car has not ended yet. What will follow next in ‘the survival of the fitest’?


Anonymous V said...

the flying spaghetti monster have ordered me to deliver his gift from up above.. a pink boom boom car! hehehe... foes with a pinkie watch too! *.*

12:01 AM  
Anonymous V said...

erm.. i meant "goes" not ffffoes... lol..

...qyaebad... (word verification)

12:03 AM  
Blogger Ambres said...

of course i will accept! but as always its a burden to believe in You FSM! sure it has to do with purify my soul, to loose my hate towards them.. I Will let it Boom Boom then Master! So when people look up disturbed they know its You they have! to listen too!

so thank you FSM

Im your devoted servant (*makes the FSM sign)

(please FSM do i get the delivery girl with it? what else do i have to do with the watch?)

12:39 PM  
Anonymous FSM said...

the voices from beyond answered..

oh, let's see.. the watch with that girl or the car with the girl who delivered it? I give you the previledge to choose. But only this once! And make it quick! Got more spaghetti to eat!

3:24 AM  
Blogger Ambres said...

Thank You Higher Then The Highest Stars Living Master

Everytime i see Your Picture showing your Stern and Impressive Figure i get so Happy and Humble. All hate disappears your light burns it away. Thank You for Showing Yourself to us, through our thoughts trough our stories & poetry through our art! Although we all know we see only a tiny flickering part of what you Really Are! Sun of suns!

but dear master i rufuse to wear a pinky watch although i would try to pass a thousand hells to get to you! You cant do that to me *fall on my kissing the dust on the ground* but
Please send the delivery girl from the car (maby she wants to wear your pink watch although i cant believe she does). Thank you FSM. Please send her quick! I need her..

your slave Ambres

(sorry your spaghetti must be cold by now)

12:13 PM  

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