Friday, March 04, 2005

Seeds In Winter

Last year i bought a new plant because the others went brown, couldn’t cope with my way of live i guess. So i purchased a stronger succulant plant. Hoped its was more fit for the struggle.
Its my favourite plant now.. Alas i forgot its name, i only remember it originally grows in South America on slopes of mountains.
And i think the plant loves me.. In the autumn many offshoots and little buds appeared. And when these buds burst open beautiful vivid orange flowers ‘amazed’.. And this plant -cleverly- didn’t this all on the same time but in the course of weeks every day when i woke up new ones could be admired. Until the last bud -- and the flowers wilt.
They became pale. Normally i cut these away but this time i let them ‘hang loose’. The plant had another surprise.. this week amazing little white fluffy bulbs appeared. The seeds of the plant.

A soft breeze from the south is scattering them.. "fwhhhh"

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Heinrich Heine

"Ein Fichtenbaum steht einsam"

A lonely pine is standing
      In the North where high winds blow.
He sleeps; and the whitest blanket
      wraps him in ice and snow.

He dreams—dreams of a palm-tree
      that far in an Orient land
Languishes, lonely and drooping,
      Upon the burning sand.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Kiss II - Dante Alighieri

Dore Paolo and Francesca I

I was reading a book with collected love poems when i was struck -again- by an exerpt from Dante Alighieri’s Purgatory ‘Inferno V.127 - 138’. The story about lovers ‘Paola en Francesca’. Inspired by this history Rodin made his famous statue ‘The Kiss’..

Exerpt from Inferno V

[...]"Poet, I should willingly
speak with those two who go together there
and seem so lightly carried by the wind."

"One day, to pass the time away, we read
of Lancelot-how love had overcome him.
We were alone, and we suspected nothing.

And time and time again that reading led
our eyes to meet, and made our faces pale,
and yet one point alone defeated us.

When we had read how the desired smile
was kissed by one who was so true a lover,
this one, who never shall be parted from me,

while all his body trembled, kissed my mouth.
A Gallehault indeed, that book and he
who wrote it, too; that day we read no more."

And while one spirit said these words to me,
the other wept, so that-because of pity-
I fainted, as if I had met my death.

And then I fell as a dead body falls.

A Dutch Translation

"Wij lazen op een dag voor ons genoegen
van Lanceloot, hoe hem de liefde omstrikte;
we waren heel alleen en zonder argwaan.

De lezing van het boek deed meerdre malen
ons de ogen opslaan en van kleur verandren;
maar één plaats was 't, die ons heeft overwonnen.

Want toen we lazen, hoe 't begeerde lachje
werd weggekust door zulk een vurig minnaar,
bedekte hij, die nooit mij wordt ontnomen,

al bevend mij de mond met zoete kussen.
Een koppelaar was 't boek, maar ook zijn dichter.
Niet verder hebben wij die dag gelezen".
(Transl. Christinus Kops)

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