Saturday, August 09, 2008

Schopenhauer about Noise II

some time ago i posted a txt from Schopenhauer about Noise. There is also a vid on Youtube for people who cant read:

sigh but why that needles intro!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

For AtomicVelvetSigh

Heart's Heaven

Sometimes she is a child within mine arms,
Cowering beneath dark wings that love must chase,
With still tears showering and averted face,
Inexplicably fill'd with faint alarms:
And oft from mine own spirit's hurtling harms
I crave the refuge of her deep embrace,
Against all ills the fortified strong place
And sweet reserve of sovereign counter-charms.

And Love, our light at night and shade at noon,
Lulls us to rest with songs, and turns away
All shafts of shelterless tumultuous day.
Like the moon's growth, his face gleams through his tune;
And as soft waters warble to the moon,
Our answering spirits chime one roundelay.

by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Spinvis- Voor Ik Vergeet

This is a beautiful song from a dutch artist called Spinvis (literally Spiderfish). When i heared this for the first time in 2002 it impressed me. Six years later its still one of the best songs i know. The cleverly melancholic lyric and the simple smart clip which makes it a little gem. I made a quick translation of the lyrics. (Its a lousy translation i know so suggestions are welcome).

Voor ik vergeet dat hier een kerk heeft gestaan
before i forget a church ones stood here
voor ik vergeet dat ik jarig was
before i forget it was my birthday
en een tic-tac in mijn neusgat had toen we naar zeeland zijn gegaan
and a tic-tac was stuck in my nose when we went to Zealand
voor ik vergeet koninginnedag
before i forget Queensday
en wie toen mijn vrienden zijn geweest
and the ones who where my friends back then
en ik niets meer weet van straten en examens en vacanties en ruzie
and i forgot everything about streets and exams and vacations and fights
op een feest ergens in de Biltstraat waar ik toch niemand kende
at a party in the Biltstraat where i didnt know anybody anyway
voor ik vergeet en later alles anders heet
before i forget and everything is named differently
voor ik vergeet en ik de feiten en de cijfers en de namen van de schrijvers niet meer weet
before i forget and cant remember the facts and numbers and names of writers
de hele dag en alle woorden en elk uur de hele dag
the whole day and all the words and every hour of the day
en ook de nacht en de zomers en de handen van mijn vader vergeet ik op den duur
and also the night the summers and the hands of my father i one time will forget
voor ik vergeet vergeten ben van die hersenscan en van die toestand met dat huis
before i forget no memory is left of the brainscan and the problems with that house
en dat ik zo iemand was die van alles wou
and that i was that person that wanted to do so much
en niets begreep van de film waarin hij speelde
and didn’t understood anything of the movie he was playing in
en de lafbek die hij was
and the coward that he was
ik hou van jou
i love you so much
ik hou zoveel van jou
i love you so so much
tot ik vergeet
till i forget
ik jou vergeet
I forget
jou vergeet
en nog alleen maar lijk te dromen
and it seems im just only dreaming