Friday, June 17, 2005

Infected with the Music Plague!

So close to Sweet Miss Atomic how could i not be infected with the Music Plague!

lets see..

- Total volume of music on my computer:
Ooooomy.. about 45GB on the first HD hehe contains much videoclips too! the other HD 4GB and lol i have much written away as data to CDS and DVD thats at least 5 times 4.7GB thats.. ok ok next question..

- The last cd i bought:
Actual cd: ehm cds! At last! the new Smog "A River Ain’t Too Much To Love" and Belle and Sebastian "Push Barman To Open old Wounds" double cd containing all singles from jeepster records. Smog i havent played much yet. B&S i mostly knew already and its a must have. Favourite songs Lazy Line Painter Jane.

Digital cd: eh a cd is always digital! Meaning ripped cd? In that case eh i forgot! its a bit of a mess now.. I really need a cd cupboard (a biiiiiig one) but i think LSD-Flux heeee from who did i got that tip *.* Great album and Slowdive-Just for a Day forgot to buy it when i was young.. busy collecting "Spacemen 3" "Cure" and "The Sisters of Mercy" lolol but its a great album and i prob buy the original just like Flux.

- Song playing right now: Was busy with a clean up found some burned and "not yet listened to cds" so playing Young and Sexy-Life Through One Speaker now. Its a bit like B&S.. and i like it! as i write this the cd has ended well putting another in Saint Etienne -Good Humour and to be honest i imidiatly go to song 4 the "beatlesk" Mr. Donut. But the cd is not very great.

--Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me:
Thats just impossible! But ok just a few popping up which i played recently
(but remembering The Smiths "Rubber Ring" anyway)

5 World Leader Pretend- REM
4 My Death- (sung by) David Bowie
3 Cold Blooded Old Times - Smog
2 Cybele’s Reverie- Stereolab
1 God only Knows- Beach Boys

Heee who tag next i think LWS the only other one who comment on my blog hehe well nothing much happening here.