Friday, May 12, 2006

Horny Frogs

Frogs sorry i stole this pic from internet they are hard to catch with my phonecam hehe but if i succeed ill add it

At last my server is working again! Got a new modem but only trouble since installing it. When i called the helpdesk (waitingtime 20 minutes) they only said "they couldnt do much about it" and that i should call their technical helpdesk waiting time up till one hour!! waaah i could only wait..
Well time to read then and hang outside my window listening to the horny frogs geeee listen some, well One, i hear him every night! is really exaggerating it hehe maby got too much hormones from the water of the ditch (well read about poisening of water of the increased use of medicines) luckely the population of frogs is growing its a good sign of the health of the inviroment. So probably its just the nice weather then.