Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Frost bites

Wandering through a wintergarden.
Fallen leaves of last year are covered in ice-cristals. Prefenting them from decay but when the temperture rises again above zero the sun and moist will let them rot.

-Strange that the cristals most stick on the "hard-parts" (dont know the english word for that). Because there is more moist in it?

When i pick one up it makes a crackling sound between my fingers. My nose close to the leaf makes the ice melt a bit through my warm breathing. Putting the tip of my tongue to it; cold - the ice melts before i feel crumbles. It uncovers a bit of colour. The moist has a bitter taste and i spit the water out. Then i let the leaf fall again. Down on the ground its unregonizable in the heap.

How i love to watch them but how more i long for the spring.


Anonymous V said...

i could almost taste the bitter sweet melting ice.. and if i were the snow frozen on the leaf, with you id defenitely melt faster.. hih *.*

10:37 AM  

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