Friday, February 11, 2005

Glimp of "Primavera"

Botticelli - Primavera (Detail)

Nearly everyone knows such a day; its still winter when suddenly a glimp of spring shines trough.. smiles away the cold, soft winds touches the first flowers -fresh sweet sents escape- lovely birds singing (the cheeky blackbirds fighting for their territory..) and you can only smile with it all.. knowing its probably over tomorrow -the forcast promise loads of rain and heavy wind… So you have to wait.

Its a bit like recieving a small note when all is dark and days slip away nearly unnoticed (unlived!).
Glimps of Spring.
But you know she’s there! Inevitable.

Monday, February 07, 2005


Heard a nice thing yesterday about the difference between christian- and Greek view about sin. Well most know what the christian mean by sin. But i liked the greek view: Not to reach too high that place is for the gods but also not to do less where you capable off; so do what lies within your possibilities. Maby thats what im feeling - it indeed feels like a sin.
Hope someone nows where i can find more about that view and of course corrections are welcome.