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Heard a nice thing yesterday about the difference between christian- and Greek view about sin. Well most know what the christian mean by sin. But i liked the greek view: Not to reach too high that place is for the gods but also not to do less where you capable off; so do what lies within your possibilities. Maby thats what im feeling - it indeed feels like a sin.
Hope someone nows where i can find more about that view and of course corrections are welcome.


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I believe that Sin is going against your conscience. Knowing you go against your conscience, you feel guilt. Adding that up to what Aristotle said that "All guilt derives from ignorance, but this ignorance is a limitation of human existence imposed by fate and deserves no blame."

But, the deep meaning of the Greek tragedy is anchored in this concept: human guilt follows from the limitation of human knowledge, not as personal, moral guilt, but as guilt given with existence itself. Man acts in ignorance, with unforeseeable consequences for which he is not responsible. All he can do is accept and confess the fact and the consequences of his ignorant error. The result: tragedy, with no remedy.

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