Friday, February 11, 2005

Glimp of "Primavera"

Botticelli - Primavera (Detail)

Nearly everyone knows such a day; its still winter when suddenly a glimp of spring shines trough.. smiles away the cold, soft winds touches the first flowers -fresh sweet sents escape- lovely birds singing (the cheeky blackbirds fighting for their territory..) and you can only smile with it all.. knowing its probably over tomorrow -the forcast promise loads of rain and heavy wind… So you have to wait.

Its a bit like recieving a small note when all is dark and days slip away nearly unnoticed (unlived!).
Glimps of Spring.
But you know she’s there! Inevitable.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ambres...Ambre, french for amber...

Found in either round, irregular lumps, grains, or drops, it is slightly BRITTLE and emits an agreeable odor when rubbed. Amber burns with a bright flame and pleasant smell and becomes negatively ELECTRIC by friction. Extinct and extant species of insects are sometimes found encased in samples of amber.


10:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the last line that melted in my hands were as sweet as chocolate...

10:29 AM  

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