Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I have to confess im a bit depressed these last weeks. My work has ended and no chance for a new job in the near future. Lots of paperwork to get a social security (that one is depended of that is horrible you become a number), hudge taxbills and that neighbour who nearly causes me a nervous breakdown with his house music. Murdering my music.

Getting emotional on "Der Vollmond strahlt auf Bergeshöhn" from Schubert. The record has some scratches causing ticks which makes it even more warm. Suddenly i hear a beat under it. Some people claim to have a right to "go wild" now and then, they mean all day And night. That others whine. "Moet toch kunne?"
House music is more then nothing. Its The sign that one is stupid. No spirit no refinement. No soul. I would almost say not human. The proof is that housemusic is only nice when the volume is LOUD. Because when its not LOUD it doesnt work. Like all bad taste it needs to be pumped up! Big Words! Big Muscles! Big Cars Big Mouths Big Prizes Big Audio Audiospeakers Big Bass Boosts. Adrenaline Bang Bang Bang

All taste needs silence.

Music does too how strange it may seems. Thinking of the words of Oscar Wilde "art needs the lonely worshipper". Art takes time to be discovered uncovered. Thinking needs silence, time too choose mean to judge. (and Lol maby real taste is democratic? hehe). Taste is thinking. Taste needs freedom. Constant bangs distracting each shivering thought. It grabs and breaks down every thought that tries to escape to find something next to it. (Is that why people starting to move their body's because their minds cant?) LOUD wants no choice LOUD wants to protest overrule smash burn! LOUD wants no thoughts only closing mouths Wants All Attention. Kill all communication. LOUD always is the same in the end leads to deafning ears piiiiiiiiieeeeep Drowing in beats one dies! Sorry im overreacting but even the thought of it makes me mad. Thats what it does!

But i need fine emotions when my peace *.* is not arround. Sometimes i can be so nervous that all sound disturbs me.. its one of my weakest spots wanne glide over the floor like in the story of Kafka begging for silence.. please.. I again warned my neigbour and others did too. He is quiet now.

Music in silence. Discovered Cecilia Bartoli. A mezzo soprano. When you have time please listen. Its a part from Händel "Lascia la Spinala". I uploaded Schubert too couldnt find the lyrics of that the song is from Rosamunde.
How i love these pieces.

"Lascia la spinala cogli la rosa
tu vai cerando il tuo dolor.
Canuta brina per mano ascosa
giungerà quando nol crede il cor."

"Leave the torn and pluck the rose,
you go in search of grief.
Old age will creep up on you
when your heart does not expect it"

Yes i hear it now.. leave the torns and pluck the rose..


Blogger Ambres said...

Wanne adjust soem parts of the post but blogger strangly only views the old text!

3:01 PM  
Blogger atomicvelvetsigh said...

thanks for the orig pic honey.. which was an inspiration for me to post the progression of the illo i made with the similar water reflection on the canals in nl.. hee 8)

and i think you wait til other neighbors start throwing stones to this boom boom neighbor's windows! haa!

10:55 PM  
Anonymous *.* said...

hee sweetie.. im at comp school.. brr yahoomail disabled. hehe just passin by.. cu tmrw!

11:19 AM  

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