Friday, December 16, 2005

" Still Life "

Wonderful things (mostly) only give glimpses so you have to catch them in time.
And one needs to put energy in finding them. I think they jump from here to there
appearing in the wide range of the world. They fade sometimes
but always appear somewhere else again.
They never dissapear.
Its -like- nature who always finds a way to grow and blossom again.

It seems how more we love 'a wonderfull thing' how more fragiel it becomes untill its without protection. Nothing grands it existence for even a short time. One sees it has to fade sometime.. There is famous line from the dutch poet Lucebert "Alles van waarde is weerloos" "Everything valuable is defenceless". And when its gone we have only memories left. But then the power of its beauty "the colours are vibrating in their forms". The more we loved the "departured beauty" the more it wants to burst out and be named. They give life! They give a ‘purpose’ to something loved that is lost. Thats why i wrote my posty "Sunset? Sunrise? Light!"

Still i think one has to be careful with memories because even those can fade. They are defenceless too. So we have to maintain them or even write them down -also to inspire others too-.

My mother told me "you can better laugh then cry about my death". It showed me how she was thinking about herself but its also a good lesson how to look at our lost loved ones.
Life is stronger Must be stronger then death.

I know she must have loved this painting.

Adrian van der Spelt, 'Flower Still Life with Curtain', 1658

note While writing this as a answer to a *.* posty i noticed how we think the same. Hope its ok i made it into an own post. kissss


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