Saturday, January 14, 2006


Well as i wrote below i forgot to shoot a pic of the sky. But then remembered something else.
Shot this pic last year in the time when much birds migrate to the south. Its a search pic but you see the typical V form below. One cant only see but also hear them. In the fog last week i made a soundrecording of overflying geese. Because of the fog they probably got disoriented so they fly low and maby towards the lights of the city too. You can find the recording here. Maby they even yell more so they dont get lost from the group. Btw im not sure if the birds in the pic above are geese.

Zoom of the V (although im not sure i shot this pic on the same day)
For the people who couldnt find the birds on the pic above.


Anonymous V said...

and i have commanded them to fly over you to show you that i am there.. just need to look up and see *.*

11:58 PM  
Blogger Ambres said...

i indeed sometimes forget to look up (and as Ovidus says it divides us from the animals lol) maby that why the geese scream too in the fog

A.A. *.*

12:56 PM  

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