Thursday, January 12, 2006

Little Annoyance Solved

A silly post but today i solved a little annoyance for myself maby it sounds a bit familiar to others too.

I love Erik Satie. He is a french composer (1866-1925) briljantly played for instance by Reinbert de Leeuw from which i own 3 recordings/cds. The cover of a compilation cd of him here below.

I can recommand it to you readers. Maby some parts of Satie even sound familiar because sadly his music is often used as background ""sound"" to documentries and even.. brrrr.. commercials. A total emptyheaded dutch actrice even said she loved to play Satie while cleaning the house ehhh Of course thats not Satie's fault but.. but..
Thats why i never ever buy a certain brand of olive oil "Bertolli" because they used the heavenly "Requiem" of Mozart .. Blasfemy! Anyway..
Gnossiennes is one of my favourite parts. But when playing No.1 at a certain passage i have to think of lyric/song sounding like this; "with my love by my side and she is breathing low". Which is annoying of course its not Clean anymore But strange i couldnt place the song/lyric! Well Thats totally annoying! It sounded so clear that it had to be one very familiar. So i waited untill i just played that band. But no.. it took me year(s)? well a long time before i traced it.
Googled today, should have done that much sooner, after listening to Satie/Reinbert again [btw i hear it best when playing "de Leeuw's" version maby because he plays it very slow; he is even the slowest according a article read above] and tadaaa Its from Pink Floyd's Meddle! "A Pillow Of Winds".


Now im wondering. Is it coincidance or did Pink Floyd used it? I cant find any information about it. Its a very famous piece so its not unlikely. That they heared it from De Leeuw is not possible because Meddle is from 1971 and "de Leeuws" recordings are from 1976. Well Close.
Both are ""relaxing"" pieces. But without a doubt i prefer Satie. Maby thats why i couldnt place the lyrics/song because it was a long time years since i played Meddle.

Now im curious if other hear it too.


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