Friday, October 17, 2008

RVU "Voor Elkaar"

"Voor Elkaar" is a new program on public tv broadcaster RVU. Its a simpel format. There are people who need help. Help with cooking, to be just company for a day, a walk over the market, help for finishing rebuilding a house. The people are ill or old so they cant do it or are lonely. A presenter asks random (local) people on the street if they want to help them. How willing/open are the Dutch? "No no time no time, nothing for me, im not handy" is many times the answer. A girl reply's the host "so many people are so busy with themselves. It will be hard to find them". What would i say? I first would def walk around the camera lol.

I find it so sweet of the people who agreed to help. They all reply how great they find the experience to help (without pay but just to give help being social). It makes me teary eyed when i see that old woman -who is blind so she couldn't visit her old neigbourhood (-market) anymore and now she can again with help from a volunteer- answering: "This is the most beautiful day in my live.."

To bad no subtitles but maby its still nice to watch. Btw click on "Voor Elkaar" to watch.


Blogger Ambres said...

Now i forgot to translate is *For Eachother"
I had to think about the previous post. You could name this social poverty.Progress comes with a price. It's often the "unproductive group" (sick, ill, socially not strong people) that miss the boat. (Is that a english verb too?). ONe must not forget how soon one is a memeber of that group.


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