Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fleet Foxes "i liked P.I.L. more than the mp3 you sent me on msn.."

well my Honey was talking about The Fleet Foxes. See my previous post. Yeah P.I.L. was great to hear again. But if you want to hear something new.. like *The Beach Boys specially *Pet Sounds, *Crosby Still Nash, a bit *Simon and Garfunkel en also reminders of Neil Young too lets just say a whole bunch of 60/70 at there best! then you have to listen to this.

Right from that harmonies of the great intro:

*Red squirrel in the morning,
Red squirrel in the evening,
Red squirrel in the morning, I'm coming to take you home.

(im jealous of that simple funny start)

there rises the mood for an amazing album!

lets check what Youtube has to offer btw i skip most of the *only sound clips from now on:

a nice harmony song on this clip (which is not on the album) the first song of the album: Sun It Rises

the next song/clip White Winter Hymnal can be downloaded from the Subpop site visit them for more info too and btw also for another clip and to purchase this album! I really LOVE this song i wanne wave with my arms at the start The song ends so subtle brilliantly sad.. lyrics its my favourite track.

it looks indeed that we are 30 year back watch Ragged Wood:

mmm i wanne play CCR again too! but what an amazing song! chills.. btw there are many names passing by Michael, Jesse, Oliver James

The next song: Tiger Mountain Peasant Song

recorded in a church. (The sound is bit lousy). The lyrics are great:

Wanderers this morning came by
Where did they go
Graceful in the morning light
To banner fair
To follow you softly
In the cold mountain air

Through the forest
Down to your grave
Where the birds wait
And the tall grasses wave
They do not
know you anymore

Dear shadow alive and well
How can the body die
You tell me everything
Anything true

In the town one morning I went
Staggering through premonitions of my death
I don't see anybody that dear to me

Dear shadow alive and well
How can the body die
You tell me everything
Anything true

I don't know what I have done
I'm turning myself to a demon
I don't know what I have done
I'm turning myself to a demon

next song: Quiet Houses

Come to me
Come to me
Come to me
Come to me!!

with a Pet Sounds feel.. it even has the mumbeling but you hear that better on the cd.

"let your hair grow long... with He Doesn't Know Why

do i see there the goats from "The Pet Sounds" cover??

to the next atmosferic song Heard them Stirring there is not a clip. Only a sound only.

a for me chilling song Your protector

maby this one reminds me most to CCR.. bit swampy.

also from the next one there is no clip. Meadowlarks. Great great simple guitar. Love the production.

how many great bands weren't already on David Letterman (btw to bad Letterman is not on Dutch TV anymore) now Fleet Foxes with Blue Ridge Mountains
ok i have to tell his voice reminds me of Paul Young. (Thats not a recommandation for most after that most horrible alltime cover he did but he made even worse songs!. Honey don't click the link i warn you!!).
With that Big Country guitar bit REM it brings youth memories..

last song Oliver James

what a great album. Im a bad reviewer. I can only tell simply what i like and what it reminds me off. For me no subtitle eh reflections. Just that i played this many times already and that it makes me Long for american valleys with trees in autumn leaves maby a early snowfall.. scratchy records and the *creaking sound of open fire. Pass me the bottle please.. We don't need to talk to understand.

ps. Now lets hope they dont get too much cheers and feel to much pressure for the next album if there are other readers which one do you prefer? P.I.L or Fleet Foxes?


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