Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Smiths

I think in my life time there will be never i band like The Smiths again. One could say its because you never be 20 again. Maby.. maby "those feelings" are over indeed but i dont believe that anybody (a band) can make such a genius combination of clever lyrics with such brilliant music ever again.
I sometimes think of the best band ever. That's impossible depends on the time when you choose but now i would choose for The Smiths. Imagine they wrote only one lousy song! "Work is a 4 letter word".. and even then title is funny!
About The Smiths later more but during a youtubenight (that must be a normal word from now on) i found this clip..


Blogger Ambres said...

only band came close or even at the same level *Belle and Sebastian


12:44 AM  
Blogger atomicvelvetsigh said...

lol is that morrissey? ha! does he even know sign language? hehe..

tho i must agree.. there is no one particular best band of all time.. it has to be the question of what circa.. or decade. but who would beat beatles for bagging more than 1 decade huh? *wink now that's another story i know..

6:04 PM  
Blogger Ambres said...

Nhe thats not him (thats why he wears a cape?)

decade and maby even genre too. Hmm Beatles have made great music but there are always songs on their albums i don't like. Same why i dont think OK Computer of Radiohead was so great. It has a some lousy and even bit boring songs. But They have made one of the altime best singles ever Karma Police! OK probably i have to see it more as a whole.. An OK Cd. The Bend has only one song thats hmm My Iron Lung is bit eh i dont like the guitars. The rest is great. So i prefer that one.
But this was of the Smiths all there lps exept of Strangeways, Here We Come have no bad songs on them. Unique! But again later more about The Smiths

8:39 PM  

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