Friday, February 29, 2008

Google Books Library Project

This is what internet was invented for! (Except to see if there was still coffee). Access to all the information you want and of course need!
We can enter a worldwide library in There you can find many titles you searched for so long and find the ones you never heared of before. Well it is still a beta version and there are problems with copyrights.

One big objection for me personally is that i don't like to read online. Luckily there is a invention who can make that a lot easier *electronic paper* developed by Phillips.

when you click on the pick you see a article.

Of course i will always prefer the real book. The book who smells (i have the weird habit of smelling a book when opening it). The aging of the book when it accompanies you in your life where the edges are folded at favourite passages the dirty cover because of the readings outside in the garden. Or the books who are, after so many years, clean and neat like they where bought the day before; being so attached to them you wish you had white gloves when opening them which you now so rarely do! In the cupboard they are waiting as guards in case you need them. There present being makes it saver.

[btw how i hate it when people make notes with a pen in them.. Thats blaspheme!. When you own a painting you don't put your name on it too don't you?].

In wikipedia i read this:
**May 2007—The Boekentoren Library of Ghent University will participate with Google in digitizing and making digitized versions of 19th century books in the French and Dutch languages available online.

I keep an eye on it. If i have time i will post the books which look interesting to me. For instance this one

Text not available
Twenty Years in the Philippines [1819-1839] By Paul P. de La Gironière

Do crocodiles look like that there?


Blogger atomicvelvetsigh said...

wow this is good news! and comes great with my posty too..

btw, guess what i first searched for? mary


erm, so un-techie of me to ask but but eh how can i read it? where's that link?

and yep crocks look like that here! even bigger! you should look at the government! we even have wild bores there!

7:45 PM  
Blogger Ambres said...

Haaa lol look at the head of the crock hehe but maby they look like the govs heads there too hehe just like here.

ok i was bit too enthousiastic.. cant open them too yet. But when you look at the index page you can click some already.

i keep you posted


7:54 PM  
Blogger Ambres said...

warty pig

lol he has the same haircut as me!

8:15 PM  
Blogger atomicvelvetsigh said...

lol! so this comes to conclude that we both need a haircut within the next 12 days..

oh my.. 12 days to go..

i have something for you. check my latest posty..


10:19 AM  

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