Friday, November 11, 2005

Sunset? Sunrise? Light!

Sunset? Sunrise? Light!

Wandering at a high dike - busy cars on land left and right the white seguels at sea.. Walking down -steep- to an artificial beach covered under slimy plants and dogdroppings. Carefully stepping on slippery basalt blocks while looking up at the clouds "J'aime les nuages... les nuages qui passent... là-bas... là-bas... les merveilleux nuages!" Stopping thinking bout a tragic event that happend.
Watching the sun a passage from Plato came in mind. "[...] fear of death is indeed the pretence of wisdom, and not real wisdom, being the appearance of knowing the unknown; since no one knows whether death, which they in their fear apprehend to be the greatest evil, may not be the greatest good. Is there not here conceit of knowledge, which is a disgraceful sort of ignorance?" Its true its what i believe. How would those who watch this pic would know if its a sunset or sunrise? But its not comforting enough.
Want to touch the water but there is too much blackmud between me and the sea. Then the light of the sun changes into orange yellowgold. Its beams touch trough the graygold clouds the sea. (Like a girl before a mirror who cant believe her beauty touching her reflection)...
No! death does not exist its just a word. Our deceased loved ones are showing in all the beautifull things that exist and we must search and look for them and not close our eyes and soul.
I shoot this pic for a loved one.
Then i turn walk up at the dike blowing my cold fingers and whiping the mud of my shoes.


Anonymous VELVET said...

Your thoughts reflect a conclusion - Death is but a transition.

and *sigh* thanks for this lovely pic. indeed, we just have to look around to find them.



8:06 PM  
Blogger Ambres said...

My Sweet Velvet

sorry made some mistakes in the posty lol im not used to write. But i dont know if its a conclusion. Its more a state of mind, peace as to say. I dont know if a personality of a (certain) person stays (exist) after death; to be honest i doubt it, since we all know how the personality is connected to the body.
Lets say my idea is a materialistic pantheistic view. We fall apart but we apperear in all the beautifull things that exist "in the feather of a peacock, in the glistering of a stone, in the colour of a fresh green leaf in spring.."
Of course i will never say to anyone they should look that way, its how i (want to) remember my passed away loved ones, give their death a meaning! To search for beauty and to let myself feel free again.
And i hope some will remember me that way later when im gone - and smile..

kisssss Ambres

10:54 PM  
Anonymous velvet said...

hee sweetie.. that was what i was saying. its a transition, for after death is not necessarily another life. but memories left behind have a life of its own. For it differs with per individual. Memories of the departed may live on, not necessary the person itself.

and so i said indeed, we just have to look around to find them. Like my mother live in the morning clouds.. and i shall live in the night

(well i hope this is not a premonition of something tho, ok)

so kisss for your shadow shall stalk my perception.. among stars, among waves of the sea.. and by the moon.

kissss, Velvet

12:46 PM  

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